Wild Child

Here’s one from last year. I liked this image so I reworked it to put here on the blog.


John Woods

We recently shot some images of John’s Red Corvette. If you like it, give him a call or visit his website.

Performance Auto

Why Print the Pictures?


Don’t take me wrong! We’re all for digital media!!

I like using Facebook, take video, use my P&S, etc. I keep up with a lot of the new trends and I like that. ;-) Our main cameras are of course, DIGITAL!!

There was a fantastic “What the Duck” cartoon a while back where a kid asked his Dad if he could see his baby photos. The Dad took him into the next room, where he was about to say, “Here’s your baby album,” but stopped short when he saw a pile of old CDs, floppy drives, computers, and hard drives that he couldn’t access any more because technology advances and discards the old at a rapid pace.

Think about it! Does your new fancy Do-It-All laptop or desktop have a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive? How about a 3 1/2 inch floppy? What!! Neither one?? How long will CDs be around now that DVDs have come out. Remember the vinyl records of days past or 8-track or cassette audio tapes? Now I think you see my point.

The bottom line is, printed images stand the test of time. Go to your grandparents home and ask to see their albums. I bet they can dig them out and re-live some memories with you! Many is the time I have read in the paper or seen on television where a house burned to the ground or where a tornado or hurricane leveled a house and scattered the contents for miles. The owners were interviewed and be-moaned the loss of, you guessed it, their photographs! Everything else could be easily replaced!

We want our customers to have physical, printed, high quality photographs which will last a couple of generations. The legacy of photo albums may be lost in this generation.

I dare to predict, right here, right now, Facebook photos won’t be there in 20 years. Even the digital photos you download, if you don’t print any out, will all be lost. You will have no way to re-live those memories from the past.

Tell me how reliable your hard drive is. How it has never failed and last but not least, how you back-up your data and photos EVERY WEEK to protect them. Oh, and let’s not forget re-copying the back-ups (you did make the back-ups, right?) to new media as technology changes!

 Let us help you with high quality prints, albums or coffee table books to preserve your memories today!